We believe that, as parents, we hold the most important role in ensuring the well being and development of our children. CHHA - B.C. Parents' Branch is a province wide network of parents, families and friends of hard of hearing children.

We produce informational newsletters for parents to share information regarding upcoming events, technology, coping strategies, advocacy, resources, etc.  Our newsletter is free to all families of hard of hearing children in British Columbia.  E-mail us at info@CHHAparents.com.

As parents we form the vital link between health and education service providers, our children and the community.  Together we work towards:

       -  Early diagnosis and intervention

       -  Effective communication

       -  Family support

       -  Accessing and expanding services

       -  Defining needs and concerns

       -  Public awareness

       -  Teaching our children to advocate for themselves & others

       -  Giving our children the tools to be independent, confident individuals with a sense of belonging

 As parents we can serve as a valuable source of support and information for each other. We connect families to other families.

Join us!


Our Mission Statement:

We are a parent group who are passionate about connecting & supporting families throughout BC who have school-aged children living with hearing loss.  Through fun family activities our children develop sustaining friendships as they grow into young adults.  We educate and support parents through our newsletters, workshops and other events.  As a parent group, we understand the power of learning from one another.