11:00am   registration, various activities, public park, icebreakers

12:00pm lunch at House 2 (map location ‘C’)

1:30pm   Max-I-Mime performance (near 'C' basketball court)

2:00pm  organized games

(map location ‘E’)

3:00pm  cleanup, goodbye

·        Please check-in at the registration table (orange balloons) when you arrive (before noon if you are joining us for lunch) to get your nametag/lunch ticket.

·        Drop off your dessert at the lunch area (location ‘C’ on map – see reverse)

·        Each parent is responsible for their own kids throughout the day.

·        Please start with one hotdog per person (large for adults, small for kids) until everyone has been served. Thanks!

Donations towards costs gratefully accepted at the registration table.